Thursday, January 10, 2013

39 Weeks

39 weeks pregnant yesterday. Absolutely cannot believe it. We are so over the moon ready and excited to meet the baby! You know, I'm not even really nervous about the labor part because I just want her to be here so badly. Plus, I'm not exactly comfortable these days. I also snore. Gross.

She is very low, I feel her pinching my bladder and doing something like nodding her head. She is still head down, thank the good Lord. I am getting up 4-6 times during the night. Which is VERY annoying. I guess it's nature's way of prepping for what's to come with all those middle-of-the-night feedings, but I'd really like to get my rest in while I can! Every other night, I'll sleep pretty good. The other nights, I am having lots of Braxton Hicks and some cramping. When that happens, I keep thinking...this is IT! 

She started having the hiccups about 3 weeks ago. I'd always heard pregnant women talk about their belly shaking and was so curious. She doesn't have them a lot, but it is kind of dramatic when she does.

My back. Do you know that feeling when you desperately need to pop your lower back? I have that constantly, but cannot bend properly to pop it. I dream about laying on my stomach and having someone walk across my back. That would be utter heaven!

Work has been a God send. I have been really busy getting things half-way buttoned up to head out when that time comes, and that has saved me from driving myself, and Josh, up the wall with those inevitable nesting instincts. My mom told me that even SHE was nesting the other day. I'm not sure that grandmothers are supposed to "nest"...hysterical!

I go to the doctor for my last appointment on Friday. We will see what he says about any progression. I know they won't let me go more than a week past my due date, so we will definitely be parents by January 23rd (although I REALLY hope we don't go that long)!


Melissa Tuck said...

You are such a beautiful pregnant woman (and generally, duh). Hope things go smoothly... you're in the home stretch. Can't wait to photography y'all!!!

AA said...

So funny! I just checked your blog this morning to see how you were doing! Looking very cute! I hope the next week flies by and everything goes well!

Gaya said...

You look fabulous! I literally laughed out loud when I read about you wanting someone to walk on your back!

Linsey said...

This just makes me bounce up and down with excitement! I cannot WAIT for her to get here so you can meet her!

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