Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Living Room

Finally, I've gotten our living room decently finished enough to photograph. You can read here about my initial plan for the living room in our new house. I think it turned out pretty close, and the over-sized lamps I basically stole from Scott's make it, if I do say so myself. My goal was rustic and comfortable to fit our casual lifestyle.

Still on the list: a big square tray with accessories for the leather coffee table/ottoman and one or two side chairs (right now we are just using chairs from our breakfast nook).

This distressed piece (pictured below) is something I'm thrilled to have back. It lived at my parents' house for a while...I found at Scott's and had it in my condo before Josh and I moved in together. When we were combining two houses, there was just no room for it. Plus, I don't think he loved it. He thought it was beat to hell and back. Which, it is, but that's the look. Hence, the word "distressed." It works great behind the sofa to house a catch-all tray for keys and the lanterns I recently splurged on from Pottery Barn. Mom and I found the barrel at HomeGoods...I was THRILLED! It currently serves zero functional purpose but it sure looks good. The four pictures on the wall leading to the mud hall were taken on my parent's property at our wedding. They were a pain in the rear to hang but the finished product is great.

My mom has such a great eye. She arranged the bookcases for me and I'm so happy with them! We used my Spode china as the common link between the two and then filled in with pictures, books and funky like nick-nacks we found, mostly at HomeGoods. I had the painters paint the backs of the bookcases a slate gray to warm them up some and I think it really makes the accessories pop.

So that's my living room and the heartbeat of our house!


Gaya said...

It looks so good Georgia! Only thing that would be better is little baby Van cat napping on the sofa.

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