Thursday, March 21, 2013

On Mountain Time

In an effort to get back in the kitchen, I decided I would actually cook on Sunday evening. Fortunately, we have amazing friends and I haven't had to cook for 2 months! A new cookbook, called "My Beverly Hills Kitchen" had been burning a hole in my counter top. During my nearly week-long stay in Brevard with my parents, we went to a restaurant with a sea bass special. It was all gone by the time we put our order in which was so I found a great sounding recipe for sea bass with a beurre blanc sauce in the cookbook. Sold! It was delicious, but I don't know that I can ever eat sea bass again.

Josh and I both woke up as sick as dogs early Monday morning. I knew what it was instantly, thanks to a nasty bout of food poisoning during a trip Josh and I took to Charleston while we were dating. That culprit, a crab cake from the King Street Grill. I will never forget that. Nothing like trying to impress your new boyfriend and coming down with food poisoning. It was awful! There is NOTHING worse than food poisoning except food poisoning with an infant to care for. Not to be dramatic, but I truly thought we were going to die. Publix's seafood counter got an ear full from angry ol' mama. Today is Thursday, and we are finally feeling like humans again. We've actually opened the blinds in our house and turned some lights on. Yeesh! 

So, needless to say, no recipe post. But a mountain visit post.

We had a great time in Brevard! Josh and I loaded up his truck with every last baby thing I could possibly need, the dogs and the baby to meet my mom halfway. Don't think I could have done the drive alone with the dogs AND baby in tow. Baisden made her mountain debut at a sip and see among my parents' friends and even got to meet her great grandparents, my mom's parents. We felt pretty special having four generations under one roof. I had two great grandmothers up until a few years ago, but never got lucky enough to have a great grandfather. Aren't they adorable? I love them so.

I tell you what, my grandmother (affectionately called Mot Mot) is a baby whisperer, period. Baisden was immediately enamored by her, loved everything about her. I had never seen this baby look so intently at someone. And grin, oh my goodness. She could not get enough. Kind of hurt her mama's feelings, ha! I swear B was trying to say "I love you" back. It was precious. I have the cutest video of Mot Mot singing to Baisden but I think my mom would kill me if I posted it because she is in her robe.

Four generations of women! Pretty amazing. Yep, that's spit up on my shirt. 

We also did a little wedding planning for my sister and her fiance while there, which was so fun! Baisden took her first trip to the pasture...she'll be running through it in no time.

The rest of the time, we put in some quality snuggles with MeMe (pronounced MayMay, cannot figure out to do the fancy accents above the e's!) and Papa B...

Grinned a little...

Napped on anyone that was willing...

Cried some...


And just looked plain cute!

What a nice trip we had. Looking forward to seeing Mimi and PawPaw this weekend!


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