Sunday, March 24, 2013

Turquoise, Turquoise, Turquoise

What does one do with this?

A turquoise toilet. I mean, come on! Well, why not let it inspire you.

When my parents bought their house almost 20 years in the mountains, it needed a lot of reinventing. Some things were tackled sooner than others, some things, like said toilet, not at all. This bathroom, connected to the now guest room boasted not only a turquoise toilet but a turquoise tub/shower combo too. Jackpot!

I love what mom did with the space. Rather than replace the toilet and tub, she used turquoise as her accent color and carried it into the bedroom to get this.

While I was home, Mom and I played with the wall below. It turned out cute and it was fun to rearrange a couple things.

Back to the bathroom. Isn't the vanity great? It is actually a piece of furniture with a copper sink dropped into it. The tall bamboo mirror is so fun and the lamps on either side really set it off!

More turquoise over the toilet with a few accents to carry over the Asian-inspired style of the bedroom.

The cabinet is filled with all kinds of interesting things, including Maughi's jade collection. These flowers are exquisite! Maughi brought them back with her from China on a trip many years ago.

A panel of the same fabric used on the canopy in the bedroom hangs from the ceiling in the bath to soften the shower and add some height to the turquoise from the tub.

This just goes to show that you don't have to have a perfect slate to start with to get a great look. You can actually work with things into what you already have! Of course, I don't know what would have been done with a pea green toilet! :)


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