Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3 Months

It's hard to believe our sweet B is 3 months old today! 

It has been a busy month...B has learned to roll over from her tummy onto her back, she is a constant babbler, she went to her first birthday party (cousin Parker's 6th birthday) and we took her to church for the first time. She has developed more and more leg rolls and is working on her 6th chin! She loves when I sing to her or play music in the house. She will seriously study herself in the mirror...those eyes get so big! She is still the happiest in the mornings and Josh and I love to go into her nursery and get her up together. Those smiles are the best start to my day. She brings us so much happiness and I never knew my heart could be so full!

She has really discovered her hands. They are always in her mouth or clasped together near her mouth. We've got a little bit of drool, so she could possibly be on the way to teething. This girl is so strong! And she has the will to go along with it. To not be able to speak, she is a wonderful communicator.

Speaking of communication, these are the sweet sounds we get to hear these days! That little voice...

I've returned to work and everyone is adjusting pretty well. I won't lie, there are days that I wish I could stay home and stare at her all day long. I do miss her during the day, but work keeps me really busy and I need that part of my life too. I've found that other moms are inspiring and are such a great support system. Also, we are really lucky to have great childcare, so I don't worry when I'm not with her. And we really enjoy our time together in the evenings!

We are on a pretty good schedule, and we have a good sleeper, thank the dear Lord! I think that putting her on a schedule during the day has really helped her develop her nighttime routine. Here is what we are doing, more or less:

7:30AM - Feed
10/10:30AM - Feed
1:30PM - Feed
4:30PM - Feed
7:00PM - Bathtime
7:30PM  - Feed
9:00PM - Asleep

She will nap anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours between feedings. She gets 2 bottles while I'm at work, so I'm still getting to feed her 3 times a day most days. She is generally a very happy baby! At the moment, she is sleeping straight from 9PM-7:30AM. Sometimes she will even go to 7:45AM. I've tried to get her in bed earlier in hopes that she would wake up earlier (selfishly, this would better fit my work schedule) but it backfired. She does not want to miss anything! And I'm thankful that she is sleeping through the night.

I think this girl loves the camera...

She has Josh's furrowed brow...although everyone is saying she is starting to look more like me! 

We count our blessings every day! Happy 3 months, baby girl!


Melissa Tuck said...

She is so precious! Love her outfits! And the bubbles coming out of her mouth in the last photo is hysterical. :)

Lindsay Wolf said...

She looks like a doll! She is gorgeous! You have her on a great schedule for 3 months too.

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