Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Affordable Succulent Garden

I've had a succulent garden on my wish list for a while and I finally tackled the project! It was so easy and so much more affordable than the ones you buy already beautifully put together. My sister made a precious mini one for me a while back but I managed to kill it in the move. Yeah, I realize succulents are hard to kill, but I did it. Hopefully I'll have better luck with this one!

I had originally wanted a dough bowl to use as the planter, but honestly, they were way too expensive! So I went to my second home, HomeGoods, and found this great planter for $19.99. Hard to beat that! It works well with all the gray in my house too.

Pike's had an amazing assortment of succulents. Pretty big plants for $4.99 each...the big one in the center was only $5.99! I spent about $30 on the plants, completing the project at around $50! No joke I saw one almost just like this at Pike's for $289!!!

Now my breakfast area has a nice, permanent (well, if I don't kill it) centerpiece!


Gaya said...

I love it! Super pretty

Linsey said...

So cute! I may have to bring some indoors, however, I am not the best plant keeper either!

Melissa Tuck said...

LOVE me some succulents. This is a lovely display, GA!

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