Wednesday, April 3, 2013

B's First Easter

Even though Baisden clearly cannot participate in an Easter egg hunt quite yet, I was thrilled to have a child to take to the Ashford Park festivities. Ashford Park is so family oriented so it's fun to be able to be a part of that. Now we aren't the creepy couple without a kid going trick or treating, haha!

B pretty much slept through the whole thing, including her first picture with the Easter bunny. They had a professional photographer there and I am anxiously awaiting a digital copy of the picture. I couldn't snap one  with my own camera because other kids were waiting in line. I think the Easter bunny was happy to give my child back after B briefly awakened and tried to nurse her. Oops, she does not discriminate!

A crazy number of kids participated in the hunt! They had two egg for ages 1-3 and then another for the "older" kids. Maybe B will be running around with the 1 year old's next year! A bouncy house, candy,  bagels and coffee...heaven for the little AND big ones.

On Sunday, one of our friends had an Easter brunch which was so much fun. Baisden got a playdate with David (10 days older than B) and Avery (she and B share a birthday!). It was so fun to see them together. Both David and Avery's mamas have 2 little ones and I was just in awe of how gracefully they handled being pulled in two different directions. Phew, and I thought having one was tough!

Attempt at a family picture.

Take two was much more successful once a bottle was introduced. Sometimes we cannot be picture perfect!

We felt very blessed this Easter!


Linsey said...

Cutest little Easter baby ever!!! Y'all are so lucky to have such fun things to do in your neighborhood! You look great, Jo!

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