Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Months

Oh my goodness, this baby is 5 months old! Truly cannot wrap my head around how fast time is passing us by.

It has been a busy month! We went on a disastrous vacation, started solids and married off my little sister. Baisden has been through some fussy periods, but mostly she is a precious doll baby that we fall more and more in love with each and every day. She is grabbing everything she can get her hands on. Touching Josh's stubbly beard and squeezing the front of my neck. She has discovered her feet and gnaws on them when I change her diaper, smiling the whole time like she knows she is being a silly goose. She loves to be naked (uh oh, this could be a problem later). Her giggle is a tad devilish and 100% precious. She is stingy with those belly laughs so I try to relish them when she gives them. She is working on sitting up, tripod style. She falls forward but we are practicing when we can. Baisden is intense. She has this stare that is just captivating and so focused. I love it.

This little one is a side sleeper, all the way. We have struggled a little bit with nighttime sleep this month. Typically, Baisden can sleep her heart out but we've regressed some. I can't put my finger on exactly what triggers her to wake up but when she wakes up, she is tough to get settled back down. She may settle down for an hour and then be right back up. Feeding doesn't solve it. I've considered teething and gas as the culprits but I'll probably never know.

After our beach trip, the doctor put her on Zantac for excessive spitting up. She has never had trouble gaining weight, so it's not a huge concern but they thought it wouldn't hurt to try it. Well, I honestly don't think it does a thing. And I don't love the idea of her being on medicine. Just a personal thing, but I sometimes think we use medicine as a crutch. I even hesitate to take Tylenol for a headache. I opt for a big glass of water rather than going straight for the pills.

Solids. This girl is a great eater! We started with rice cereal in the mornings when she was about a week past 4 months old. The next week we went to oatmeal. Neither of those excited her but she wasn't turning them away either. Next we tried pears. Then apples. Both of those motivated her to learn how to eat from a spoon. Now we have added in bananas, carrots, squash and peas. Carrots and squash are her favorites. She can eat the entire 2.5 ounce jar in one sitting and then about half a jar of a fruit. She sits in her Bumbo to eat and she is much more amenable to this now that it is associated with food. I started her pretty early based on a motherly hunch that she needed more than just milk. She takes anywhere from 6-8 ounces in a bottle during her daytime feedings...the last feeding of the day is about 11 or 12 ounces! I found this out when Josh and I went on a date night and she got a bottle. I knew she was a hungry girl but I didn't know just HOW hungry. Have you looked at an 8 ounce bottle and imagined that plus another half?! That is a lot of milk to guzzle down.

I am not a schedule Nazi, although I don't like to stray too terribly far from it. We let her wake up on her own from naps, so that's the only time this is really thrown off. Or if she is hungry ahead of her scheduled time to eat, I feed her. Typically, the day looks like this:

7:00AM Wakes up and nurses
8:00AM Rice cereal or oatmeal and some fruit
9:30AM Nap (usually only 45 minutes)
11:00AM Bottle (usually 6-7 ounces)
12:00 Noon Veggie & fruit
2:00PM Nap
3:00PM Bottle (usually 6-7 ounces)
4:00PM (sometimes she gets sleepy after this bottle and eats later) Veggie & fruit
6:30PM Bathtime
7:00PM Last feeding, read a couple books
8:30PM Usually asleep

Being a parent teaches me something every day, and it has forced me to work on some of my own neurotic tendencies. I've learned that baby books are just suggestions. You will go crazy if you rely too heavily on them and you will think your baby is "abnormal" at one point or another. I've learned that every baby is incredibly different and what works for your friend's baby is not necessarily going to work for yours. I loosely follow Moms On Call and like them mainly for their schedule ideas.

I find myself looking for a reason for fussiness or irritability, when maybe, she just wants to cry for no other reason than to cry. I finally have given up on trying to solve her every complaint. Don't you have days where you just want to be in a bad mood, or mope around about something? Well, I do and so I figure that babies must too.

Parenthood has also forced me to live more in the present. I am a planner by nature and have always looked forward to that next thing. At one point, I found myself saying things like, "I can't wait until she can sit up!" or "It will be so much easier when she can hold her own bottle!" If we live like that, we'll be wishing her little life away...and what's the fun in that! I can honestly say now that I am enjoying every stage and even mourning some of the things we have left behind. They grow up way too fast.

Happy 5 months, my sweet B!


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