Friday, June 7, 2013

Our First Family "Vacation"

Let's be very real here...what in the H-E-double hockey sticks were Josh and I thinking when we decided to venture to the beach with a finicky 4 month old and no form of babysitter?! New parent blunder! Our first "vacation" as a family of 3 has left Josh and I feeling like we need an actual vacation, pronto. 

Everything started out much like a fairy tale.  Baisden was so well behaved on the car ride down to Amelia Island. We only had to stop twice. After we got the 189650368 baby things situated in our hotel room, we put B in the Bjorn and started exploring. The whole first day, she was a complete angel! Taking in all the new scenery, giggling at the breeze, stealing everyone's heart with her cute face peeking from behind her sun hat. Josh and I even talked about taking more vacations if she was going to be this perfect creature. Naive, naive, naive. 

By the second day, we were feeling it a little bit...and something flipped in our "angel." She was all of a sudden fussy, irritable and had absolutely zero interest in sleeping at night. Since I didn't feel it very neighborly to let her scream for more than 30 seconds in our hotel room, we were basically up with her half of the night, every night. Poor baby, nothing seemed to console her. Because Andrea reared her ugly head, and J & I were completely exhausted and probably about to rip each other's heads off, we decided to come home a day early. As I type, B is peacefully sleeping upstairs in her crib after an inconclusive doctor's visit as soon as we returned to Atlanta (which we were late to because she went #2 in her car seat...I mean up her back all the way to her neck, requiring a full on bath with wet wipes). Not an ear infection, not teething, not constipated, no fever. Maybe it's my diet, or the organic oatmeal I've been feeding her...or her temperament. Yes, the doctor actually said that to me. I was so offended! Side note, multiple nurses at the office kindly pointed out that Baisden has a very loud cry. Yes, we are quite aware, thank you very much. Anyway, now she is sleeping...I gave her a good feeding and a nice ol' dose of Tylenol before turning the white noise machine on LOUD and saying a little prayer for sleep for all!

I disclose all of the above for a couple reasons. First, I want to be able to remember our first family vacation  debacle as it really was. I wouldn't have changed it for anything! Second, from looking at the adorable pictures of the little one below, you would think we had an utterly perfect getaway. Social media has a way of making lives look so put together and in order, don't you think? We can cherry pick what we share. Well, I want my blog to be more honest than that. Although I have countless things to be incredibly grateful for, my life is in no way picture perfect...and neither is my child! Nevertheless, I wouldn't change a thing.

We "met" so many kind people at the beach...all of which looked at us with an "I've totally been there "sympathy look and several of which offered to take a family photo for us!

The first day. Sleeping angel!

Those legs...ham hocks.

The second day. Pool = fail.

The next two are some of my favorite pictures of Baisden ever. She LOVED the breeze. We took these in the evening...the walk on the beach really cheered her up.

And there it is, our first vacation as parents. Remember, don't let the pictures fool you :) Next time we will call in for reinforcement but I'm glad we have this memory in our book!


Jan said...

Now you know why I ALWAYS took a sitter to Daytona!!! I laughed about the #2 in the car need to hear the story about Faegan at Molly's pinning ceremony. Ben had her out in the lobby walking her around and did not have the diaper bag with him! Of course she had a blow out and he changed her with help from rain water on the car and lots of toilet paper for a "diaper"! What a dad! Glad y'all were able to get away even if it was a little stressful!! She is till a little doll!

AA said...

Love what you wrote, Georgia! So genuine! Looks like you were able to enjoy parts of the first family vaca -- she is precious!!

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