Wednesday, July 24, 2013

6 Months

Baisden is half a year old! We are loving this stage so much. It is definitely my favorite so far. She is so interactive, full of smiles and giggles (usually until the camera makes an appearance). Things that make her grin: "pat-a-cake", when I sing "I'm In Love With You, Honey", Buster, Baby Genius nursery rhymes, peek-a-boo, being tossed up in the air, eating yummy fruits and veggies. Her big smile just lights up the room.

She is sitting really well, better every day. She occasionally falls back but I'm really amazed at the progress she has made in the last couple of weeks. She seems so proud of herself when she can grab the toy she is aiming for while maintaining a seat. I took her to the grocery and sat her up in the cart for this first time last weekend. It was like a whole new world for both of us!

We are seeing more and more of a personality these days. Baisden is very focused and intense. I would still call her a serious baby, although we can definitely make her smile and giggle. She knows exactly what she wants and is pretty good about communicating her displeasure :) She wants to be constantly moving and it's almost like we can see the wheels in her head turning and saying, "what can I get into next?!"

Nighttime sleep continues to go well (sleeping 10-11 hours), although we did resort to crying it out this month. Breaks. My. Heart. I have a much harder time with it than I thought I would. But, I know it is better for both of us to get a full night's sleep. She is a tummy sleeper and prefers her thumb to a paci.

Baisden is really taking well to solids. In all honesty, the addition of solids is work, but it has completely changed this baby. She is so much happier. She eats apples, pears, peaches, mangoes, prunes, bananas, carrots, squash, avocados, sweet potatoes, sweet peas. I recently purchased a Baby Brezza at the recommendation of a friend to make her food and I am in love with it! It steams and blends in the same vessel. B was going through so many jars of baby food that I figured this would be more cost effective and healthier since they are fresh ingredients. She is taking milk 4 times a day and eating solids 3 times a day.

Baisden has started crying when I get home if I don't immediately come grab her. I used to be able to run upstairs, change out of my work clothes, wash my hands, etc. But now, if she sees me and I don't come speak to her right away, she looks at me and fusses. I hate to see her fuss but selfishly, it makes me feel good that she has missed me and wants my attention! It's pretty cute.

I think it's pretty typical to occasionally wonder if I'm doing the right thing by my family to be a working mom. And not just a working mom, but one who sells and operates evening events. Can I have both a successful career and be the kind of hands-on mom that I want to be? And can I do both well? It is hard. It is a constant juggle. But, I think I'm getting better at it. And I think, as a family, we are making it work. I have a supportive husband, great childcare for Baisden and wonderful in-laws close by. It takes some mad multitasking skills. The other morning, I this is multitasking at its I was pumping, holding Baisden and putting on my makeup to get ready for the workday. Sometimes by the time I get to work, I feel like I've already put in a full day!

Feeling the grass in the front yard for the first time!

Parenthood has turned me into a complete mama bear. Patience has never been my strong suit, and while I have lots of it when it comes to Baisden, the strangers that cross my path don't stand a chance. There have always been awful drivers on the road (especially in a big city), but when I have my innocent baby buckled up in the backseat and someone nearly clips my front bumper only to come to a screeching halt at the next stoplight, the claws come out. I don't want to see people texting as they navigate traffic on Peachtree Street. I've become a horn blower and have seriously considered getting an enormous "Baby On Board" sticker on my car. The other night, I was coming home late from working an event and had to swerve so that what I can only assume was an intoxicated driver didn't hit me head on. I called 911 and I pray they could respond before that irresponsible a-hole injured an innocent person that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, I've learned how to shoot a pistol in the event that Josh isn't around to protect us should someone break into our home or carjack us. Not to be dramatic or controversial, but I believe wholeheartedly in my right to defend myself and my family with a weapon. Every time we walk in our neighborhood, I yell "Slow Down!" to at least one car that whizzes past me, my bright orange baby stroller and my 100 pound dog (we are clearly visible). In an effort to channel this new-found mama bear energy into a constructive outlet, I'm working on a petition to have speed bumps installed on our street. Let's hope that the new city of Brookhaven has a little more fire under their rears than DeKalb County does. I guess nothing makes you notice your environment like having to raise a child in it!

Happy 6 months, little one! Watching you grow brings us such happiness!


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