Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vanity Makeover Brainstorm

I've always had a thing for antiques. I think it's because I grew up in a house where they were always used, mixed in with newer pieces. I love having something that has been used by's like you've got a story right there at your fingertips. Ever since putting Baisden's nursery together, I've thought about starting some antique-y side projects. My mom distressed an antique children's dresser that we had had forever and I just fell in love with it all over again. You can read about Baisden's nursery here. I don't know what prompted me to do this, but a couple weeks ago, I got on Craigslist and did a search for "antique vanity." I swear it was meant to be...I found a beautiful dresser for a steal, and the woman literally lives 5 minutes away from me. 

She bought it from an antique market in Adairsville years ago. It is a 1920s or 30s piece that came from a Civil War even had a note taped underneath it. Everything is original except the center mirror, which was unfortunately broken in transit when the woman initially purchased it. The seller is in the process of updating her home. Ikea-style is what she told me she was going for, and I think we all agree that the above dresser and Ikea don't really mesh well together. Her loss, my gain.  I love to think about all of the different women that sat down at this vanity to powder their noses.

I've been really torn on how to update this piece. I want it to fit into a home of today without losing all of its character. Is it sacrilegious to paint it? The detail and lines of the piece are beautiful and part of me thinks they will show up more with a coat or two of something neutral and bright. I love the original hardware and think it disappears into the orange toned wood. And so, I went to Pinterest to see what they could offer me in the way of ideas...

I love the ivory tone and distressed style of the above pieces. The hardware really pops with this sort of treatment.

The above reminds me a lot of the one we have in B's nursery. I think I'll go a different route for the new one, but I do love this color.

And this blue gray is to die for! This piece is stunning and would be beautiful in any way, shape or form. The mirror detail is really something.

Then I stumbled across these two below. Love love love the wooden top...this may be a way to keep some of the original appeal of the piece. So, at the moment I'm thinking this is the thing to do.

All above photos from Pinterest.

So what would you do...refinish the piece and keep it as is, or add some paint? Decisions, decisions...whatever I end up doing, I'll post an "after" picture of it. Until then, it will sit in the corner of my garage and make me smile every time I pull in. 


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