Monday, September 9, 2013

Before & After: Wooden High Chair

This small project has been so inspiring! I'm like, what else can I paint! I have despised the high chair that I bought for Baisden from the get go. It was so-so when she couldn't sit up well but now the back and tray are just too confining for my little monster. Plus the seat is cloth and needs to be washed after one messy feeding.
I'm convinced that they just don't make things like they used to so I set out in search of a wooden high chair. I found a Jenny Lind one on Craigslist but the seller had listed no contact information. I alerted Craiglist and checked the page multiple times a day and finally gave up. Goodwill was the gold mine. This high chair had just been brought in and it was a whopping $25! It was mine.

Literally all I did was throw away the disgusting cushions that came with it, Lysol the heck out of the thing, sand and paint.

One thing I learned from this project: don't buy cheap paint. As a busy mom, time is precious and I thought I was saving it by simply heading to one spot for painting necessities (drop cloth, paint brushes, sanding supplies, paint). I've never painted with Valspar (I used Allen + Roth's "Vintage") and I will NEVER. EVER. use it again. I had to use 4 coats in some places. It was like painting with water. Never again will I avoid the Benjamin Moore store.

But it was totally worth it! Someone is very happy. Let's see how long this high chair stays white :)


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