Monday, September 2, 2013

Monkey's First Zoo Trip

This past weekend, we trekked to Zoo Atlanta for a quick morning outing. Something to get out of the house and change up the scenery for our little one. She is turning into a monkey herself, holding her bottle with both hands and feet and climbing just about anything she can get a hold of so it was only fitting.

The Zoo wasn't that crowded since we got there at the crack, so that was a huge bonus. Plus, we saw Usher as we were leaving...I'm not necessarily a fan of his but it was still fun to spot a celebrity. He is V. short. 

Here goes this mouth again.

I don't think B really even noticed a single animal but she liked looking at all of the other kids and it was a nice, although brief, distraction for those poor gums. She is having an incredibly hard time with this whole teething business. Every night I pray that one has poked through by morning to give us some momentary relief. Lord help us all!


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