Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tricky Trip

Oh boy, another road trip is under our belt. I decided to tackle the drive from Atlanta to Nashville stag to attend my cousin's wedding this past weekend. Well, not completely solo. I had my little B in tow. As I had imagined, it did not go well. Baisden has never been one of those babies that loves her car seat. She always fights the restraint and tries to wiggle and writhe her way out of it. When she can't succeed that way, she resorts to screaming. At the top of those very powerful lungs.

She whimpered and whined almost all the way. I had hoped we could get to Chattanooga before the screaming started but we didn't make it that far. So, we stopped for a snack and a stretch break and then buckled back in. I was prepared to get a speeding ticket and tell the officer that I planned on speeding all the way to my destination. Poor baby wailed from Chattanooga to my grandparents' home outside of Nashville. I chimed right in with her and swore I'd never do this alone again. I know better than this!

Saturday, we attended a beautiful outdoor wedding at my aunt and uncle's home. The weather was perfect. There were a total of three babies there, including Baisden. The other two appeared to be perfect angels. Baisden...a total and complete fussbudget. I had multiple guests look at me with sympathy and lots say things like, "She sure does have a lot to say!" and "Poor thing, she looks tired." (yes, so is her mama) or "She is loud!" Yes, all of these things, I know. Trust. Me. I. Know.

Anyway, we had plenty of great times too! Like seeing my sweet grandparents with Baisden. They print out every single picture we email them on an 8.5"x11" piece of paper and put them in a brag book. I think I owe them some ink cartridges! The above video cracks me up. We had lots of drool, apparently :)

Miss priss offering a gummy smile...

And B got to ride FiFi. Oh, what fun! I think we need a FiFi...

The ride home was thankfully much more uneventful. I think it was because B had fussed so much over the course of the weekend/hadn't slept well at night that she was flat worn out. She slept for over 2 hours. The fussing started once we got to Cartersville so I attached my iPhone to the headrest with some packing tape and put on her beloved Baby Genius nursery rhymes. It's amazing how creative one gets in a state of desperation!

On Tuesday morning, we woke up to her first tooth! At least I can blame her crankiness on that and convince myself that it is not her temperament :)


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