Wednesday, October 2, 2013

8 Months

And another month has passed (I'm a little late on this one due to my camera being in the shop)! This wild child is 8 months old. Baisden is such bright light in our lives...she is spunky, high energy, opinionated, loving, determined, focused, intense and, of course, precious.

Very difficult to get a photograph this month, as she is on the move.

B eats like it's her job. We've introduced eggs, chicken and ground beef this month. She will pretty much eat it all and only gets frustrated if I try to take the spoon out of her kung-fu grip. The spoon holding desire is a challenge because she thinks she can feed herself, but clearly the coordination to get the food on the spoon is not there yet. We actually played tug-of-war over the spoon the other day. We've started doing more chunks and have had minimal gagging, thank goodness. Yo-baby yogurt (especially banana and blueberry) is a home run. Her milk intake is a bit down, but I think this is exactly what's supposed to happen as she fills her tummy with more food. Teething affects this as well.

We have graduated from the baby bath to the regular tub for bath time. We have a happy camper. She can play so much more effectively now that she isn't in the baby tub. I considered buying a bath chair but the one I liked was $75 and that seemed like a waste for something she would only use for a couple of months. Using the big bath is a little nerve racking since I've got a climbing monkey on my hands.

We often get into giggle matches. We laugh, B laughs, we chuckle, she reciprocates. We say she's silly, she squeals, we laugh harder, and so does she. It'll make a heart melt.

Baby Genius nursery rhymes are a staple in our household these days. Particularly Baby Boost Nursery Rhyme #25. Unfortunately, it is only 10 minutes long. I actually caught myself singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt the other morning in the shower. She likes the songs in this specific show, with the exception of "Sleep Baby Sleep." It shows little kids putting their baby dolls to bed and without fail, Baisden cries every time it comes on, forcing me to fast forward through the 30 second segment. She actually starts fussing at the end of "A Tisket A Tasket" because it comes right before the dreaded "Sleep Baby Sleep" to make sure I have my finger on the remote.

We've wrestled with nighttime sleep this month. Big time. About every other night she fusses on and off for as long as we will let her. Teething started the interrupted nights. And then getting some time with mama in the wee hours turned into a routine so we are working on breaking it.

I've now learned to change a diaper frontwards, sideways and backwards. As soon as I get this child down to change her diaper, she flips from back to front, bottom straight up in the air. She grabs the side of the changing table with an unbelievable grip. I cannot believe an 18-ish pound thing can be so forceful!

She isn't crawling yet, but has no problem getting where she wants to go. She rolls over and over, sits up, then back on the tummy before returning to all fours. She will lay with her belly on the ground and push with one leg, pull with the opposite elbow. She is pulling up on things left and right. She is mostly successful and is so proud when she can get onto those feet. I wonder if she won't just be a furniture cruiser.

I finally spy a tiny, sharp tooth. Her front right one was barely visible underneath those puffy gums one day and the next, it had broken through. She bit my shoulder the other day!

We've taken up swinging in the back yard...this is such a nice activity when we need to buy a little time during those witching hours. Hotty Toddy.

By far the most thrilling development this month has been clear eyes! I am 95% certain the blocked tear ducts are no longer. Several days after our traumatic visit to the eye doctor, I noticed her right eye seemed much less weepy and cruddy. Baisden actually bruised from the force of the massage the doctor performed. So, much to my displeasure, I started mashing the heck out of the other eye. Poor baby. This was not an enjoyable time of day for either of us. Ultimately, I had been instructed to do the massaging incorrectly. Both the pediatrician and countless YouTube videos I watched lead me in the wrong direction. Once the ophthalmologist explained the anatomy of the eye, and that the clog is usually closer to the base of the nose, it all started making more sense. I had only been massaging in the very corner of the eye. Not down along the nasal bone, forcing pressure down to hopefully pop that blockage right out. Well, after a couple weeks of working on that left eye, it seemed to produce less and less gunk and today, I can say with quite a bit of confidence that I'm pretty sure we knocked it out!

Mama bear is still alive and well. Just patiently impatiently awaiting word from the city of Brookhaven on when they will conduct a speed study on our street. You can read about my speeding rant here. With the help of other neighbors, we got the signatures needed to qualify for the study. Of course, I was held to a deadline to turn in the paperwork and they offer none in return due to lack of funding. Of. Course. So, until then, you can find me perfecting my evil eye while yelling at speeders to slow the heck down. Anyway...

Baisden's spirit makes us smile from the inside out. Happy 8 months, big girl!


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