Thursday, October 24, 2013

9 Months

We celebrate 9 months with Miss B today! Despite everyone's warnings, I don't think you fully realize how quickly time passes as a parent until you are right there in the smack dab middle of it. There are many days where I wish we could freeze time right in that very moment, bottle up all of the joy we have in our life and pull it out whenever we want. 

This was an interesting photo shoot to say the least. The girl is all over the map. We definitely had to revise our strategy of using the rocking chair based on the below.

And a couple more because I can't stop.

Baisden is her own little person. If I ever doubted that they came here with "it," I don't now. Although she is not the happy-go-lucky baby that so many people seem to have, she is an absolute delight. She is full of zest and energy, ready to move, move and move some more. 

She's a little piglet. Don't mess with the girl's food. As much as she loves food, she does not enjoy sitting still for it. She needs a toy or an extra spoon in her hands at all times in order to focus on eating. But when she eats, she eats. Black beans are a favorite these days. She is taking milk 4 times a day and eating solids 3 times a day. We've recently had to discontinue use of the high chair because she does her best to escape...she will turn around, stand up and look over her shoulder with a smirk. 

 With Maria (the woman who keeps us halfway sane!)
On that note, she is mobile. She is crawling all over the place (usually directly to Oliver's water bowl) and she must pull up, sit down, pull up, turn around and do it all over again one thousand times a day. The energy seems to be endless; Mama and Daddy desperately wish we had a small portion of this! She has stood several times alone, but only for a couple of seconds before toppling over. She will take a couple of steps while holding onto our hands.

She is clapping on demand, and we just cannot get enough. She holds her left hand still and moves her right hand. She must think we are weirdly obsessed with clapping as we ask her to do it quite frequently.

She is also shaking her head "no"...I'm sure that cuteness will fade soon but for the moment, it is absolutely adorable. She is a thumb sucker and rarely uses a paci anymore. The left thumb is preferable. She has two teeth and has done some biting but it seems to be curbed for now.

Whenever Buster and Oliver are around, she squeals. These high pitched noises usually frighten Oliver and excite Buster. Oliver has gotten mobbed on a couple of occasions and I think he's learning to keep a healthy distance from the crawling, unpredictable monster. Buster could not be any sweeter to this baby. We think he is watching us to make sure we are doing everything to his standards.

Grunting/growling is also common (no, not the dogs...Baisden). It sounds kind of like Darth Vader. I don't think there is any reason for it, other than the fact that she has discovered she can make the noise.

We've really been enjoying getting outside in the cooler weather. Baisden recently got a Radio Flyer tricycle and she is still trying to decide if she likes it. I love how she holds the handlebar. Something about that just cracks me up.

She isn't sleeping very well at the moment. It's not as bad as it was last month, but lately, she has decided that 5AM is her hour. This makes getting ready to go to work VERY challenging, I must say. I keep reading things about developmental milestones and that babies' sleeping patterns are interrupted when they are learning new things, so maybe this is what we are up against. It does suck (pardon my French) starting the day exhausted, but this too shall pass. And I'll miss it when it's gone. Or maybe I won't...

Lately, I've read some really good articles that have made me think more about life and what I want out of it for my family. There is nothing like being a parent to clarify what's important and what's just not. The trick of it (at least for me) is trying to get back to the basics in a world that is not at all basic. Two of my favorite posting in the New York Times called The Busy Trap. I also loved Ashlee Culverhouse's post about shelling peas. Such great reminders to live in the moment and be present.

With her helpful cousin, Parker!
Safety update...I still haven't seen a speed detector installed on my street, but the good news is that I recently learned that the city of Brookhaven does now have a budget to conduct speed studies and that ours is imminent. I'm so glad that all of our neighbors' efforts have not be in vain! You can read about the irresponsible speeders I've been harrassing here and here.

Baisden, you have made the last 9 months full of love, fun and adventure! It's an honor to be your mama.


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