Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stairway Gallery Wall

This stairway gallery wall has been on the house to-do list for a while now. I was just patiently awaiting the perfect pieces to make it all come together. And getting up the nerve to punch holes in the wall. I hate doing that.

I only had one disaster (and a mild panic attack) while hanging the pictures. What you can't see behind Buster's picture are several large gouges in the drywall. It was the first picture I hung, and like a moron, I didn't test for a stud before screwing in the anchor. Wouldn't you know that it was right on a stud and the anchor wouldn't budge. So, everything had to shift a tad. After that rookie mistake, I  trudged forward and now, I am ready to hang anything! Sans stud finder.

I used a combination of framed art, framed photographs (nevermind the sideways cross), mirrors and canvases. The frames and mirrors are from Target and Hobby Lobby. The wedding canvas was something I ordered right after we got our wedding pictures (by Rachel Barker), and the canvases of Baisden (newborn by Melissa Tuck and 6 month by Ashlee Culverhouse) were done by my friend Amelia at MyPix2. She is AMAZING! MyPix2 offers canvases as well as prints in a variety of sizes and on any kind of paper you can imagine. Check out their new web site and you may just see a familiar face :) Also, in celebration of the new site, they are offering 40% off through October 27th with the code MYPIX240. Really cool because they are donating 5% of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in Eastern North Carolina. Canvases are a great way to make a huge impact on a wall, and they are sort of all-in-one since no frame is necessary. I'm partial to black and white.

And my fur babies! The above sketches are, of course, from Via&Co. They make me smile.

The easiest way to go about organizing a gallery wall is to get a roll of brown paper (or cheap wrapping paper), trace your artwork, cut out the shapes and play around. This wall was pretty challenging for me...I tend to think more in grids, not random patterns so I had to start this project, walk away and return a couple of times.

First I played with the layout on the floor. This was the longest part of the process. After tracing the pieces and cutting them out, I taped them on the wall. So glad I did this because I really had to adjust the rise of the stairs are fairly steep and I wanted the gallery to mimic that. 

Then I started hammering away...or jacking up the wall a little!


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