Friday, October 11, 2013

The Best Time of Year

It's fall, the best time of year ever! I'd rather decorate my house for fall than for any other season, even Christmas. There is just something about the crisp air, mums, pumpkins, and OK, I give

This year, I decided to keep my front porch simple but colorful. Luckily, my mom shared her GORGEOUS and enormous ferns from the beautiful Evans-Pittel wedding on Rich Mountain (coming in a future post). Josh may kill me but these babies are going in the basement for the winter. I'm not letting them go. The wreath is Pottery Barn, several seasons ago. The mums came from Whole Foods...I used some burlap to hide the plastic pots. I get these mums every fall, and they last a while. Just keep them watered...water from underneath because the blooms don't like to get wet! (They will brown.) The pumpkins are from Lucy's MUST, I repeat MUST, go in there and take a peek. The store looks incredibly beautiful and fall-like. 

This is a pretty cute little pumpkin too...she's not for sale! 


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