Sunday, November 24, 2013

10 Months

10 months is a little too close to one year for my taste. There are so many moments when we look at B and see little girl tendencies replacing the baby ones. I know I speak for both Josh and I when I say that I'm so excited for all that's ahead for us, but also a little sad about everything we are leaving behind. I do my best to make notes on the latest developments every several days, but it's impossible to get it all. We're really seeing B's precious personality...she is a rascal and has quite a sense of humor. She is one little animated chunk of fun, sweetness, sass and energy.

We've seen more smiles and gotten more giggles from Baisden this month. In fact, she is turning into quite a little comedian who enjoys an amused audience. I think crawling has offered a great alternative (versus fussing) to release some of that frustrated energy. Don't get me wrong, she still has lots of moments, but we are getting happier :)

Baisden has really taken a liking to books lately. Well, 3 books to be exact. She likes "Goodnight Moon," "Pat the Bunny," and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See." One of the best parts of my day is seeing that chubby little hand delicately push back the blue fabric square to play peek-a-boo with Paul in "Pat the Bunny." She will sit perfectly still in my lap (with the exception of moving her legs like crazy) for any of these three books. This is a huge feat for such a busy body. One night, I tried an experiment. First, we read "Goodnight Moon." She couldn't have been more content. So next, I choose a book outside of these three. She immediately tried to close the book while I was reading it. I opened it and tried again. Nope, she wanted that book closed. So then I went back to "Goodnight Moon" and she was happy again. Hey, the girl knows what she wants and she's not afraid to tell me.

She has 3 teeth. Two bottom teeth and one front tooth. I suspect the other front tooth isn't too far behind. B continues to have a tough time welcoming these suckers! Poor thing, I can't imagine how uncomfortable that must be. We've gone back to the paci. As a newborn, Baisden loved the paci and then she got a little too busy for it, opting for the thumb instead. Now she is really into the paci again. I think it feels good on her gums to chew.

Baisden definitely has a bit of a temper and has started to have some tantrums. Mostly when we are changing her diaper or her clothes and therefore forcing her to be still. It's hard not to laugh.

She has a few tricks up her sleeve. She can shake her head "no" (a-dorable). She can high five. She can give kisses (very slobbery, open mouth ones). And she can wave. Her clap and wave are sort of similar, so I think she is a little bit confused. She waves to herself since this is how she sees us wave.

When I get home from work in the afternoons, she is usually in her nursery playing...when I walk in, she speed crawls over to me and squeals. It is the best.

Table food, table food, table food! It has changed our lives. B is eating pretty much whatever we eat. She really doesn't turn anything away, except broccoli. (Can't say that I blame her.) She seems to be a bottomless pit and I have to keep myself from laughing as she eats. She shovels. Both hands. Picks the morsel up with her fingers, then gets it into her palm and stuffs it into her mouth.  I read in a baby book that babies don't have the attention span to eat for more than 10-15 minutes at a time. Oh, I defy them...mine does. I think she would eat all day if food were available. Some of her favorite things are lasagna, chicken pot pie, quesadillas, roasted sweet potatoes, raisin toast and any kind of beans. 

B is very active. She crawls like the speed of light, pulls up on anything and everything, furniture cruises some and has started standing unassisted. She will push a toy with wheels and toddle behind it. She loves to pull up and beat on the dog food canisters like they are drums. She loves to chase Oliver off of his bed and likes to tackle Buster on his. She is happiest when she is on the floor and free to crawl, do things she's not supposed to do and torment the dogs.

We have really been working on spending more time in the stroller. The bottom line is that B hates anything that keeps her somewhat restrained...including, but not limited to, the stroller, the car seat and being held for any period of time. For a long time, I had been using the Baby Bjorn but I gave up this month because, not only is she heavy, but she bends down to touch her toes and karate chops my stomach with her bottom. She is becoming more tolerant of the stroller after some practice, but I feel like we take the world with us...sippy cup, snacks, a bottle, toys, anything that makes noise, etc. I swear sometimes I think I have the only child  on earth who isn't content in her stroller or car seat. I thought babies were supposed to love these things!

This is such a great age. She has a little bit of independence through crawling, and that suits her. She likes to be able to call the shots. My dad always jokes that she's been here before and has a frustrated look in her eyes like darn it, I'm a baby and I have to do all of this growing up business again!

The time change has been rough but I don't know why I was expecting it to be any different. For a few weeks there, she was waking up at 5AM every morning! Time change mixed in with teething makes for a tired mama and daddy! I think we are back on track now.

Little B, it's hard to believe we will be celebrating a 1st birthday in only 2 months're going to make your mama cry!


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