Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dinner on the Diamond - Turner Field Event

Here is a closer look at the event we did a couple weeks ago at Turner Field, amid this week of event craziness. Although it was chilly, it was a really great evening for 600 special guests who got to enjoy the exclusive experience of dinner on the diamond.

As if being on the field wasn't enough, the guests got to participate in batting practice, tours of the Braves locker room, pose for pictures in the dugout, run the bases and compete in a talent show.

Stilt walkers and hawkers greeted the guests as they hopped off of the buses to create a real baseball style atmosphere. Below is the view from the stage - we even brought in a lounge grouping for the judges of the talent show.

Our client ordered all kinds of items for the tables which doubled as takeaways for the guests. Thank goodness Miley Cyrus did not get her hands on one of the foam fingers :)

The Tomahawk Team and Homer also mingled with the guests, distributing custom t-shirts to everyone.

We also had a custom 3D frame constructed for the guests to pose in - the photo opp was a huge draw.

I should also mention that the guests were so. much. fun. They came dressed up for the talent show and gave it their all while on stage. Sales people are very entertaining!

I mentioned in the previous post that this was the most challenging event I'd ever planned. That mostly stemmed from the importance of the grass to the game of baseball...I swear that it must be laced with platinum! Even after years of planning events, I learn something from every single program I work on. I'm amazed at the new circumstances that come up again and again, no matter how much you feel you've done. Keeps me on my toes!

All photos courtesy of Northlight Photography.


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