Friday, December 27, 2013

11 Months

It's crazy that this is the 11th monthly post on our little B. Like each one before it, this month flew by and brought so many fun memories with our girl. I can hardly wrap my head around the fact that she will be 1 year old in one month's time. How does that happen?

Like all parents, we are amazed every day at the new things she is learning and seems to understand. B is completely full of herself. Someone once told me if you have an unhappy baby, you are likely to have a happy toddler, and although I wouldn't classify B as a toddler quite yet, I'm thinking this will hold true for us. She is so darn happy these days and we are loving it!

She has started to perform and do things that she knows make us laugh. Like sporadically shaking her head no and scrunching up her face and breathing loudly through her nose. I think she's gotten her daddy's sense of humor. She is always making us laugh.

She is not yet walking but is cruising all over the house. She loves playing on the edge of the stairs and pulling up on the stair railing. She will climb up the whole staircase in no time at all. While climbing, she makes the sweetest little sing-song type of noise like she's humming as she's a-workin'. She is SO FAST.

She is saying "da-da" (I'm not sure she has linked the word with dad yet though) and all other kinds of blabber but I haven't heard anything that sounds like a real word. She will, however, make noises to imitate us and has some hilarious sounds in her vocabulary. She shakes her head no like it's her job. 

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to the cutest Christmas tree farm in Cumming. I was nervous about the tree, ornaments and our little rascal, so we put in out of the way in our dining room. She loves looking at the ornaments, but hasn't tried to attack it like I thought she would. We have one ornament that looks like Oliver and another like Buster and she loves when I point those out. She will grin and giggle.

She is still obsessed with the dogs and we are very fortunate that our dogs are patient with her. She will completely clear Buster's back while he is laying down, bury her face into his fur and come back for more. Oliver is a bit more fragile so we keep a close eye on these two together.

She has started giving great hugs around the neck. It is the sweetest thing. She also loves to play with my hair...ponytails don't stand a chance!

Baisden is a daddy's girl. She loves everyone, but has a special place for her daddy and gives him the biggest grins. She is a mama's girl too and sometimes has melt downs when I walk away. B really doesn't have fear of strangers yet though. The other day we ran into a store and she reached for the shop owner as she greeted us. Luckily the woman was flattered and took her. I was thrilled to shop without someone grabbing at everything! I am shocked at how quickly B can get to things. I underestimate the length of those arms!

Baisden absolutely loves music. She is really into singing and any type of instrument. She got a keyboard, a xylophone and a little drum for Christmas. So far, the keyboard is a huge hit.

She is still really into her books. She will play and play on the floor with them. Opening and closing them. Kissing the pages and chewing on the corners. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is her favorite and she will freeze in her tracks as soon as she hears the intro. Her attention span with this book is remarkable. She cracks me up with Pat the Bunny...she's learned to do all the things in the book. My favorite part is when we get to the mirror, so I asked Josh to film it the other day so I could remember it.

We are so lucky to have so many other friends with babies around the same age. Baisden loves playing with all of her boyfriends, and of course, adores the big girls! I'm thankful for the mama camaraderie and advice from those in the parenting boat.

We also went to visit Santa this month. I was prepared for it to be a scream fest, and secretly wanted that classic reaction to the big guy in red. Baisden gave us lots of different expressions...from interested to sort of smiling to flat out melt down. It was hard not to laugh.

B continues to be a great eater. She really doesn't turn much away. Sometimes if she's over something, she will spit it out and shake her head "no." Her portions are insane. I marvel at how much food she can put away, shoveling morsels in with both hands. If she's shoving food in her mouth, she is happy. Needless to say, we have snacks tucked away wherever you look. I've started introducing whole milk, which she has taken very well to. I made it a personal goal to nurse until she is a year old. I'm very happy that we've made it this long, but am ready to be finished at this point.

Baisden, you crack us up with your determination, sense of humor and intensity. You have kept us smiling, laughing and crying for a wonderful 11 months, baby girl!


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