Sunday, December 29, 2013

Baisden's First Christmas

This year, we spent Christmas in the mountains...six people, one baby and eight dogs. It was wonderfully chaotic! Baisden enjoyed Christmas morning and wasn't as overwhelmed with it as I thought she would be. She really could have cared less about the presents (well, most of them)...we should have just given her boxes, bows and tissue paper!

Probably the most successful gift was a little keyboard from my dad. She immediately took to it, as we suspected. She really loves music and started "dancing" as soon as we turned it on. On Christmas Eve, we had some friends come over and they played the fiddle and the harmonica. B was in heaven! Then my mom pulled out her guitar and we sang a few Emmy Lou Harris tunes. Yes, this is what we mountain folk do around the fire :)

She also got an Anywhere Chair, her first baby, some beautiful ballerina sketches a la my sister and lots of other little goodies. Here she is with her Bitty Baby.

Of course, my mom cooked the most amazing food over the holidays...I'm always so disappointed once we return to Atlanta and my cooking doesn't taste as good as hers!

Josh and I got to do a little hiking in Dupont State Forest and it was really enjoyable. We visited Triple Falls and High Falls sans little one in tow. 

We also ventured to the big city (Asheville) for dinner with some old friends at Rhubarb. It was delicious and the company was even better than the food.

Then we packed up (thank goodness for Josh's truck) and came back to Atlanta with all of our loot. I snapped some sort of "official" first Christmas pictures of B this morning before we tackle taking the tree down. My little Christmas angel!

Next up, planning Baisden's 1st birthday party! We are keeping it a very simple, family affair. I've gone back and forth on the decision to do it big or keep it small, but ultimately decided that small will be better for the birthday girl. Stay tuned for details on the bumble bee themed party for our B!


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