Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Sister's Wedding - Brevard, North Carolina

It's hard to believe that this was almost 6 months ago. I've been meaning to share pictures from my sister and her hubby's wedding for a while now. It was so beautiful and special. Helping plan a wedding was a nice variation on my usual of planning corporate events. My mom, sister and I had a great time working on this together. Although Josh and I also got married at my parent's home in North Carolina, we wanted Rachel and Eric's to have a completely different feel. Which it did. It was perfect. All of the photographs are by the very talented Ashlee Culverhouse

The ceremony was held on a cleared knoll in the pasture overlooking the mountains, just past the reception tent. I should also mention that this was the most perfectly beautiful summer day. With such a damp season, we got super lucky. We swear Maughi had something to do with that!

My dad built a split rail log cross for the alter like he did for our wedding. It almost looked like it belonged there! We anchored it with large stones and dressed it with enormous ferns. I got to take these back to Atlanta with me and they are currently in my basement to hopefully survive the winter. Distressed copper containers lined the aisle and housed natural greenery, fern and hydrangea.

We created an entryway into the tent with an old planting table, large ferns and an oversized lantern. Rachel really wanted a romantic feel so we used lanterns in the trees, on the food stations, basically everywhere we could.

On the entry table was a nontraditional guest book. I copied this idea from a girlfriend's wedding (Christie, I'm looking at you). We included post cards from all the different cities to which Rachel and Eric had connections. We greened everything up with succulents in rustic pots.

For the guest tables, we used a combination of highboys and cocktail tables. We added some height to the cocktail tables with airy but effective arrangements, and kept the highboys simple with a compilation of succulents in pots.

More lanterns, which we hung from the trees with jute rope. I have a memory of standing near this tree with my screaming 5 month old strapped on me in the  Baby Bjorn as my dad hung the lanterns and lovingly cursed us for raiding every single HomeGoods within a 300 mile radius. :)

Now onto the food. It was just as delicious as it was beautiful. The food was a joint effort by my mom's catering partner in Brevard and Jan McCord Catering out of Fort Valley, Georgia.

We had a double sided station with all sorts of goodness and then two large cheese stations, which were to die for. We used a combination of white china, rustic wooden bowls and family silver for vessels. 

Eric is a popcorn nut, so my dad lent his movie theater popcorn machine for guests to enjoy. 

And the cakes! The groom's cake by Jan McCord was, of course, absolutely incredible. Chocolate with blackberries. What I would give for a big slice of that right now!

And here is the happy couple! They left the ceremony on one of my parent's mules and it was so hysterically cute. Rachel wasn't too keen on this idea initially, but I think Eric talked her into it. I love this shot of them. Rachel looked so elegant (isn't her dress to die for!) and Eric was so handsome (isn't his tux to die for too!).

And one of our little family. Based on Baisden's history, I was very anxious about her behavior at the wedding. Josh asked the pastor (who also married us) to place some fatherly love on her prior to the ceremony and it must have done the trick. She didn't really lose it until it was very late and she was flat tuckered out.

Such a wonderful weekend celebrating family and love! We had a ball planning this and had so many great helpers alongside to assist in making it all happen.


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