Monday, February 10, 2014

B's First Bee-Day Party

Planning Baisden's first birthday was wayyyyyy too much fun...I'm always planning events for other people so I really enjoyed working on one for us! We decided to keep it small, just family. It was great to visit with everyone and focus on the birthday girl, which was the entire point of the celebration. I decided to go with a bumble bee theme, as we call the little one "B" for short.

***All photos by the talented Ashlee Culverhouse***

Although we kept everything simple in the decor department, I had a good time planning all the details. The adorable over-sized bumble bees (from Amazon!) made the entrance pop. I also used them to bring the theme into the food and present opening area.

We had all of her monthly pictures printed and I matted them on yellow, white and gray patterned scrapbook paper. So cliche, I know, but...don't they grow up so fast?!

Even though it was a small party, I wanted to have an invitation made. The below design from Etsy was exactly what I had in mind. It was super easy and inexpensive, as I just purchased the artwork and printed on my printer at home on some heavy, textured card stock.

The cakes were seriously the cutest things I've ever seen in my entire life. They were done by our good friend Jan McCord, who is incredibly talented. Trust me, the cakes were as delicious as they were cute. B agreed.

I threw together a couple of really simply floral arrangements with white hydrangea, pink tulips and green trick (which is my new favorite greenery because it lasts forever!). I stuck a bee in the top to bring in the yellow.

My mom, a caterer and excellent cook, helped me plan the menu. Since the party was around lunch time, the meal was very casual and easy. We served mini bar-bee-que sandwiches, three bee-an salad, a green salad with lime, cilantro and honey dressing, B's favorite (chicken salad on raisin bread) and melon balls. The tent cards are from Etsy.

Of course the birthday bee had to be decked out. I could not find a bee themed dress that spoke to me, so instead, found a simple white dress and added bee buttons to it. It turned out really cute. 

Based on Baisden's healthy appetite/obsession with food, I figured the cake would be a hit. Dead on. She immediately went for the fondant bee on her smash cake. We eventually had to take it away from her because she was going to town.

Happy as a pig in mud...

The damage...

After we hosed her down, B did some present opening. Josh and I got her a pink stove and refrigerator. I thought she would be too young for it, but it's been a real hit. Although having her own cabinets to play with has not deterred her from getting into mine :)

My grandparents were able to come from Tennessee and brought with them a precious pony. Baisden immediately kissed it, hugged it and then proceeded to roll around with it. This is exactly what she does with Buster. It was hilarious, and I'm so glad Ashlee was able to capture this for us!

It was such ball to plan a celebration for my sweet girl's first birthday...we've got lots of fun birthday parties in our future! 


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