Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

The last time I posted, it was snowing in Atlanta! And now, we've got an Easter chick hopping around. 

Baisden sure is keeping us on our toes these days, busy getting into all things dirty and/or dangerous. I think she is a tomboy! Never thought I'd have one of those. She is walking, running and sprinting all over the place. She is so much fun and I love every second that I get to chase her. It's just amazing all the things they learn at this age. She will point to her head, toes, belly, belly button and hand when asked. We are still working on ears and nose...I can tell she knows what they are because when I say "ear" I can see her look at mine! She hears every airplane that flies overhead and points to the sky. She loves her "dada" and says his name so sweetly and repeatedly . Obsessed with Buster, and as much as I complain about his dog hair in my house, I do realize how wonderful he is with her. She climbs all over this dog and he is not phased one bit. Much to her mama's delight, she has finally started keeping bows in her hair. She must watch me put the bow on her in the mirror...then, she grins at herself, approves the bow and it miraculously stays in. On the other hand, the Easter bonnet lasted long enough for about one picture...

Happy Easter, and happy spring!