Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Little Mermaid

Halloween was so much fun this year...I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, Josh and me or Baisden! She looked so cute all dressed up and was such a big girl, catching on pretty quickly to the process of trick-or-treating. We don't make a habit of giving our 1 year old candy, but she understood that if she walked up to a house, she got to get something and put it in her bag. And that was fun!

Our neighborhood does Halloween right. One street is closed to traffic and it is basically a street party. We started out early, right at 5:30PM. By the time we were wrapping up around 7:30, it was packed. 

Little Miss Independent. Makes my heart sing.

B collected a total of 5 pieces of candy. We thought that was plenty since we would be stuck eating whatever she collected. Although, we did let her have a Kit Kat and she said a very emphatic "yum" and those eyes lit up so brightly! 

One of the homes had a petting zoo in the front yard. It was so much fun! A couple of lambs, a baby goat, piglet, chickens, ducks, rabbits and even a miniature pony. B was beside herself and kept saying "tack, tack, tack" ("quack, quack, quack").

One other thing I want to remember about little priss is her obsession with spiders. Halloween could not have come at a better time. She loves the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and every time we see a web or a spider, she starts climbing with her hands like the beginning of the song. It's precious.

Of course, we have chosen B's Halloween costume this year and year, I have no doubt she will be telling me what she wants to dress up as. Can't wait to know what that will be!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Visit

We decided to make the pumpkin patch visit an annual, so this weekend we trucked it up to Dawsonville to visit Burt's Farm again. After the insane number of people last year, we learned our lesson and left Atlanta a little earlier. Although it had rained that morning and the ground was super muddy, it was much less crowded. Little miss got her time with the pumpkins and then we went into Dahlonega to explore.

She was loving the massive pumpkins. Josh and I were talking about how magical this must feel when you are so small.

And then she found the little pumpkins, and was thrilled she could pick them up and move them around.

OK, and this...I just cannot handle. How much difference a year makes!

This has been our second trip up to North Georgia this season...we tried out an apple orchard several weekends ago and it was such a great time. In just about an hour and a half, we can feel like we are worlds away from Atlanta...and we are loving starting these traditions with our B!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vanity Makeover

It took me, no joke, nearly a year to get around to this project. You can read about my brainstorm post here, written on August 15, 2013. This is sooooo not me, but I guess that is just par for the course these days, and I'm learning to be OK with that. I did have fun doing it once I started, and that's what matters. 

I'm SO happy with the way this turned out! The precious lines and beautiful detail on this piece stand out so much more now. It was a bit of trial and error to get to the final product. I am no expert on furniture refurbishing, although I know a lot more now that I did when I started.

Here's the piece in it's original form...

I sanded it as best I could, particularly the vanity top. After taping the mirror all up (2 of the panels are original to the piece), it was time to prime and paint. The paint is Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois. Then I stained the top with a dark walnut color. I loved the stain so much that I decided to try out giving it an antique look by rubbing the stain in the cracks and wiping the excess. It really helps show off all of the detail in this piece.

I'm in love with the original hardware. Now this piece sits in B's future "big girl" room. All it needs is a skirted stool in a girly fabric!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

The last time I posted, it was snowing in Atlanta! And now, we've got an Easter chick hopping around. 

Baisden sure is keeping us on our toes these days, busy getting into all things dirty and/or dangerous. I think she is a tomboy! Never thought I'd have one of those. She is walking, running and sprinting all over the place. She is so much fun and I love every second that I get to chase her. It's just amazing all the things they learn at this age. She will point to her head, toes, belly, belly button and hand when asked. We are still working on ears and nose...I can tell she knows what they are because when I say "ear" I can see her look at mine! She hears every airplane that flies overhead and points to the sky. She loves her "dada" and says his name so sweetly and repeatedly . Obsessed with Buster, and as much as I complain about his dog hair in my house, I do realize how wonderful he is with her. She climbs all over this dog and he is not phased one bit. Much to her mama's delight, she has finally started keeping bows in her hair. She must watch me put the bow on her in the mirror...then, she grins at herself, approves the bow and it miraculously stays in. On the other hand, the Easter bonnet lasted long enough for about one picture...

Happy Easter, and happy spring!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Atlanta Snow Day

After staying holed up yesterday, we were eager to step out of the house today. Luckily, we awoke to snow coming down on top of the ice so we all bundled up and headed outside. I think everyone was getting a mild case of cabin fever, Buster included.

Baisden liked the snow pretty well. I couldn't believe we got her to keep the hat and gloves on. The child despises a hat and usually immediately rips them off. (The hat and mittens were mine as a baby!)

She's walking much better than she was during our last snow storm a couple weeks ago. She struggled to get her footing on the snow but she put in a good effort.

And my other babies playing as boys do...

Happy to be thawed out now! Praying for spring...

Monday, February 10, 2014

B's First Bee-Day Party

Planning Baisden's first birthday was wayyyyyy too much fun...I'm always planning events for other people so I really enjoyed working on one for us! We decided to keep it small, just family. It was great to visit with everyone and focus on the birthday girl, which was the entire point of the celebration. I decided to go with a bumble bee theme, as we call the little one "B" for short.

***All photos by the talented Ashlee Culverhouse***

Although we kept everything simple in the decor department, I had a good time planning all the details. The adorable over-sized bumble bees (from Amazon!) made the entrance pop. I also used them to bring the theme into the food and present opening area.

We had all of her monthly pictures printed and I matted them on yellow, white and gray patterned scrapbook paper. So cliche, I know, but...don't they grow up so fast?!

Even though it was a small party, I wanted to have an invitation made. The below design from Etsy was exactly what I had in mind. It was super easy and inexpensive, as I just purchased the artwork and printed on my printer at home on some heavy, textured card stock.

The cakes were seriously the cutest things I've ever seen in my entire life. They were done by our good friend Jan McCord, who is incredibly talented. Trust me, the cakes were as delicious as they were cute. B agreed.

I threw together a couple of really simply floral arrangements with white hydrangea, pink tulips and green trick (which is my new favorite greenery because it lasts forever!). I stuck a bee in the top to bring in the yellow.

My mom, a caterer and excellent cook, helped me plan the menu. Since the party was around lunch time, the meal was very casual and easy. We served mini bar-bee-que sandwiches, three bee-an salad, a green salad with lime, cilantro and honey dressing, B's favorite (chicken salad on raisin bread) and melon balls. The tent cards are from Etsy.

Of course the birthday bee had to be decked out. I could not find a bee themed dress that spoke to me, so instead, found a simple white dress and added bee buttons to it. It turned out really cute. 

Based on Baisden's healthy appetite/obsession with food, I figured the cake would be a hit. Dead on. She immediately went for the fondant bee on her smash cake. We eventually had to take it away from her because she was going to town.

Happy as a pig in mud...

The damage...

After we hosed her down, B did some present opening. Josh and I got her a pink stove and refrigerator. I thought she would be too young for it, but it's been a real hit. Although having her own cabinets to play with has not deterred her from getting into mine :)

My grandparents were able to come from Tennessee and brought with them a precious pony. Baisden immediately kissed it, hugged it and then proceeded to roll around with it. This is exactly what she does with Buster. It was hilarious, and I'm so glad Ashlee was able to capture this for us!

It was such ball to plan a celebration for my sweet girl's first birthday...we've got lots of fun birthday parties in our future! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

1 Year

I can hardly believe today (I'm a few days late; Friday was the big day) is here. Baisden's first birthday! What a wonderful year it has been with this precious little's been better, harder and more rewarding than we ever could have imagined. We count our blessings every day.

At 12 months, Baisden is becoming more and more of an individual every day. I swear she turned into an independent (ish) toddler overnight. No more bottles, all sippy cup. And she wants to do it all by herself. I'm proud, and selfishly sad at the exact same moment. It's fun to watch her learn new things and grow into little miss independent, but I think I could shed a tear or two, too!

B continues to be funny. I'm sure that I am partial, being her mother, but I really do think she has a great sense of humor. She loves to make us laugh and we love it too. She is into EVERYTHING and is 9,000 miles a minute.

She's the ultimate climber. The other day, Josh was keeping her and let her play at the bottom of the stairs, with the baby gate closed. He walked down the hall into the kitchen and all of a sudden, things got suspiciously quiet. Sure enough, she had climbed along the outside of the stairs and was grinning from ear to ear as she dangled from the stair railing on step number 3.

The kitchen cabinets are very popular these days. Particularly the ones underneath the sink (as well as the trash pull and dishwasher). Long ago, I cleared out all of the hazardous cleaners, so it's fairly sparse under there...makes it very easy for her to toss everything out and climb in the cabinet herself. She got a play kitchen for her birthday so maybe that will distract her for the time being!

While we are on the subject of tossing, B will violently throw toys, shoes, whatever it may be that's in her path, out of the way as she crawls past it. This cracks us up!

She is loving her anywhere chair. Not to sit in, of course, but to climb and try to jump off the back. She seems uncharacteristically cautious, however, when it comes to walking. She will cruise all over the house with her walker (or a dining room chair), but isn't very interested in taking those steps unassisted. I can see her thinking about it, but she always falls to her knees and crawls like the speed of light.

Playing chase has become a part of our pre-bath routine. We will get her down to just her diaper and she takes off, giggling. We say "I'm gonna get you!" and chase after her and she scampers all around upstairs laughing hysterically. Lately when I've put her in her crib at night, she stands up, holds onto the rail and jumps like crazy.

We are dealing with some temper tantrums these days. I suppose this is completely normal, but I didn't think they started this early. They mostly occur during diaper changes when she is encouraged to be still or when we try to take something away from her. She looks at me, fusses, and kicks her legs. Josh says she gets that from me :) I can't blame her. Sometimes temper tantrums make you feel a little better!

B is stingy with her kisses. The other night I leaned in for a little peck and she vehemently jerked her head away from me. I couldn't help but laugh. Other times, she initiates a little sugar and it melts my heart. 

She is still completely obsessed with the dogs. She giggles at Buster and squeals for Oliver. (She probably gets the squealing from me, as I think I talk to O in a high pitched voice!)

She is still a little piglet when it comes to food. She is eating it all. And you can forget the spoon. If she can't feed it to herself, she's not interested. She is, however, interested in feeding the dogs. They flock around the kitchen table at meal times. I will say that it's nice to have clean up help! She is completely on whole milk as of a couple days ago. She has done really well with it and I feel like I have SO much more time now that I'm not pumping. Hallelujah! 

She has 7 teeth and I see the 8th one about to break through. She still loves her books and has added a few more favorites in the rotation. Whew, I think I was starting to dream about Brown Bear, Brown Bear after reading it to her so many times! She would almost rather flip through the books herself than listen to me read them.

What an adventure it's been to watch this little character grow up! This weekend we celebrated  her first birthday with a small family gathering, and it was perfect. She loved being the center of attention and we are now trying to find a place for all her new's starting to get ridiculous! 

Thank you all for reading along during our first year as parents. I've really enjoyed cataloging her monthly activities on the blog, and knowing that we have people in our lives who want to read about her warms my heart! Happy 1st birthday, little B!